** Please note this listing is for the pendant only and does not include a chain. Chains may be purchased separately**


The Sailor's knot is a design that features two ropes winding through each other and was said to have been created by sailors who would weave this pattern as a way to remember their loved ones while away at sea. Symbolically, it stands for friendship, harmony and love. 


This handcarved pendant was made though the lost wax process. In this process, the design is carved out of wax very carefully with small files. A mold is then made around the wax and the wax is melted out.  Once cleaned of its wax filling, the mold is then filled with sterling silver which is allowed to cool and is then removed. The seams from the mold are then ground off and the piece is thoroughly polished.  The result is a smooth, shiny pendant that is solid .925 sterling silver with a soldered silver bail!



Sterling Silver Celtic Square Pendant

  • .6" x .6" x .375" 

    1.5cm x 1.5cm x .5cm