Handmade mugs enrich your morning coffee experience, making it a favorite daily ritual. This mug is part of our Unity Collection- its design bringing together patterns and designs from Islamic and Christian heritages with the simple message that we are most beautiful when we come together.  The images included on each piece in the unity Collection aim to depict universal realities of the human experience: innocence, courage, beauty and love.  


This mug depicts a pin-up posing on a wild tangle of Rococo scrollwork. The rise of pin-ups in the mid 1800’s represented a shift in feminine identity in a post-Victorian world. To many, they represent a social rejection of bodily shame, empowerment to embrace female sexuality and a healthy respect for women’s beauty.

Pinup Mug- Linen (M9)

  • * 3.5" wide by 3.6" tall

    * Holds 14 fluid ounces if filled to the lip

    * Food Safe

    * Dishwasher Safe

    * NOT Microwave Safe