The lore of the Hare is rich in many cultures. The hare is often seen as a servant of the gods in mythology and acts as a messenger from the gods to mankind, traveling by moonlight to instruct and guide us. In the West, we speak of the 'Man in the moon' when looking at the moon's markings. In the East, generations have passed down the story of the 'Hare in the moon' who can be seen here on this tray, bent over her cauldron, creating the elixir of life for the lunar goddess.


In an age where slow living is a very deliberate choice, these cards are a great way to reconnect with friends. The back of each card carries the story of the Lunar Hare while leaving the interior blank so your customers can customize their notes for any occasion!


The Hare was originally rendered in pen and ink on paper before being scanned and printed on these 4" x 5" ivory cards.

Lunar Hare Greeting Card

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