This flower brick was thrown on the potter's wheel and has a gallery thrown into the lip to hold its lid. The design for the lid (also known as a frog) was inspired by the rose windows often found in cathedrals, with each open space acting as a holder for a flower stem. I carved the original design into a block of plaster with a small hook to make a mold from which each lid is hand pressed and pulled. Flower bricks are a beautiful way to display small bouquets of flowers or single blooms on their own, supported and ornamented by the pierced lid. They also work beautifully as a cuttings holder while you're waiting for your roots to grow (be careful not to allow the roots to grow so big that they can't fit out of the holes!) The best part? The removable frog allows for fast and easy cleaning when it's time to change your water or wash your vase!

Flower Brick 46

  • Dimensions:  3" wide x 2.8" tall

    Materials: Iron Rich Stoneware, Cone 6 Electric Glaze