When you buy this product, you get to pick your prefered color and your mug will ship within 2 weeks!(Please note that there will be no sprig (raised ornamental design) around the handle. Photos of tumblers included to show variation in color and rose cascades) When checking out, there will be a box for "send note to maker".Please include the following:1) instagram handle if you have one (for sending pics)2) general desired characteristics (e.g. fiery/ creamy/ blue tint) While I cannot guarantee your mug will turn out exactly like one pictured here since each one is hand crafted and individual, I will select a mug closest to your description and send you pics before shipping for your approval! If you would prefer to pass on your first pick, I will send you a second option as soon as it is available (this may take up to 3 weeks as I will need to make a new batch) My goal with this style of update is to be able to send you a mug that you will absolutely cherish! *This is a great chance to order a custom set of mugs too as I will be able to select ones that work beautifully together!* The best part? All of the mugs are already made and headed into bisque (the first firing) tonight so your mug(s) will ship out within the next 2 weeks! Thank you so much for your support and I can't wait to send you your dream mug!

Custom Rustic Rose Mug- Pick color and ships in 2 weeks!

  • Please keep in mind that all handmade ceramic pieces are at risk of thermal shock and cracking if their temperature changes too quickly. To keep your mug in good shape, avoid pouring in boiling water, do not microwave and ensure your mug is not cold when adding hot liquids. Freshly made hot coffee in a room temperature mug is fine!