This beautiful exotic wooden box elegantly displays and protects your most precious jewelry. It will make an excellent gift for anyone with a wedding band or engagement ring they want to protect from an overflowing jewelry box!

The base of this box is a solid, drilled out piece of Claro Walnut The top is a curved solid veneered cap of Koa. Inside the box is a soft cork pad for your ring to rest safely on. The plug that holds the lid to the box is soft and air tight so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off or scratching your box.

Claro Walnut and Koa SB8

  • To keep your box in pristine shape, keep it out of direct sunlight and dust with a damp cloth only.

  • *1.9" wide by 2.25" tall

    * Materials:  Koa, Claro Walnut, dark cork