The black bear trundling along on this tray is often seen as a symbol of power. However, the bear also carries a more subtle message: the importance of respecting our seasons- resting, playing and working in a balanced cycle regardless of where others around us are in their cycles. You may be in your 'winter', watching jealously as someone in their 'spring' is surging ahead professionally or romantically, wondering why that isn't happening for you too. The bear reminds us to take that time to hibernate, look within and rest so that we too can surge forward when the time is right.


On the opposite side, is pictured a hare looking up at the moon. The lore of the hare is rich in many cultures. The hare is often seen as a servant of the gods in mythology and acts as a messenger from the gods to mankind, traveling by moonlight to instruct and guide us. In the West, we speak of the 'Man in the moon' when looking at the moon's markings. In the East, generations have passed down the story of the 'Hare in the moon' who can be seen here on this tray, bent over her cauldron, creating the elixir of life for the lunar goddess.

BHM3: Lore Mug ($85)

  • Each mug is tested with hot water before sale to guarantee quality. Please keep in mind that all handmade ceramic pieces are at risk of thermal shock and cracking if their temperature changes too quickly. To keep your mug in good shape, avoid pouring in water at a rolling boil, do not microwave and ensure your mug is not cold when adding very hot liquids. Freshly made hot coffee in a room temperature mug is fine!